Why do you need to analyze your website?

Website analysis is measuring the traffic to your website, page views, clicks, keywords, designs, navigation, and more for your website. With these results, you can improve your website to make the users’ experience better.

You can also see if you are reaching your business objective or not, both online and offline. A website analysis is important because it helps you to grow the business. It is important to maintain the proliferation of your website online so you can make the right changes to your website in order to improve your business benefits

Website Audit & Analysis

Learn what your users are doing on your website, where they bounce and where they take actions

Visitors behavior on Website

What are people actually doing on my website? Why are people getting stuck? What do my users really think about my website or a specific page? These are all questions that you are asking yourself at least once since your website or app went online.

Website Audit

With an in-depth website analysis, we can help you track and analyze traffic data to your website. It helps you understand what visitors actually do on each page and how they behave throughout their journey on your website. But it also will determine your most problematic pages where visitors stumble and eventually leave your website. With website analysis we can identify pages where most of your users convert or abandon your website. So if you want to know if your website is performing well, Ikodax can make a complete website analysis of your website.

How to analyis your website?

Website Audit lets you Know what is really happening in your website

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